Get the Look: Just Baby Make-up

My daily makeup routine is very easy and can be completed in 5 minutes… Seriously, because time is very important to me. And a fun fact:   LOOKING LIKE A BABY IS SO FUN! I am by no means opposed to high-end or more expensive products, but I believe anyone can achieve an equally gorgeous, flawless face…
I love to have cat-like eyes. I’ll walk you through each step of my routine.
Are you ready?! Here we go…

Step 1. Humidify.
I have pretty weird combination skin so I have to moisturize. And sunscreen moisturizing products for combination skin works really well for me + keeps my face moist all day long. Plus it has SPF. I apply it on my face + neck.

Step 2. BB Cream.
For daily use, I prefer BB cream instead of foundation. Bb creams are very light + I think they provide pretty good coverage. Using my fingers, I apply it to my face + neck to even out my complexion.

Step 3. Concealer.
I prefer cream concealers to other types + I apply them under my eyes, between my eyebrows, down my nose, above my upper lip, and on discolored areas or blemishes. I usually blend it with my finger or a damp beauty blender.

Step 4. Powder Powder.
After you’ve applied all your wet products, you should bake them with a dusting of powder! This step is very important + often skipped by many. I apply it on my face + neck.

Honestly, this step makes me very, very happy! I apply the bronzer around my face, down my neck + décolleté [if I’m wearing a v-neck shirt].

Step 6 . Contour + blush.
I use the bronzer to gently contour my nose + cheekbones. Then I apply blush to my cheekbones.

Step 7. Brows!
Okay, maybe I can take back my bronzer statement, it may be my favorite step. Filling in your eyebrows makes a lot of difference! I usually use eyebrow pomade to fill in my brows.

Step 8 . Eyeshadow.
I think it’s just light, neutral colors that are perfect for every day!

Step 9. Mascara.
It’s time to highlight your eyes!
Frankly, the long and curved eyelashes make the gaze much deeper.

Step 10. Lips.
I am a lipgloss addict! I can indulge myself with strawberry ones every day. But as long as it’s not too sticky. 🙂

And that’s it…

This routine may seem like a lot of steps to some, but once you practice it, you realize that it really doesn’t take long. Many days I even skip blush, eyeshadow + mascara. But never eyebrows… and never bronzer!

I hope you found this post helpful!
My daily look is just to even your skin + give your face some life.

I kiss.